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Computer Security

Piracy convictionsPiracy convictions
[Aug. 4, 2005] An unemployed husband and wife piracy and counterfeiting outfit has been imprisoned for a combined total of 27 months
Detecting and Removing Spyware (PC)Detecting and Removing Spyware (PC)
[Oct. 15, 2004] Over the last decade the Internet has changed from being mostly a source of information into a worldwide marketplace.
Guide to the UndergroundGuide to the Underground
[Jun. 8, 2004] hopes to show you, why to avoid the underground of the Internet. You may have heard of serialz (serials or serial numbers), crackz (cracks or software crackz), warez (wares or war-ez (illegal software)), hackz (hacks), viruses and other key words used by these places. People involved in such trades call themselves pirates or hackers.
Computer Security Part 5 – Email securityComputer Security Part 5 – Email security
[Jun. 1, 2004] Welcome to the lottery world of email, do I open it? Do I delete it? Have I won £100,000 in a Lottery that I have never heard off? Will I send my bank details to this unknown person in a far off land?
Computer Security Part 4 – Blaster VirusComputer Security Part 4 – Blaster Virus
[May 23, 2004] Continuing with our Computer Security series, this week we are going to cover an old virus, which surprisingly is still affecting millions of computers worldwide.
Computer Security Part 3 - Sasser Virus
[May 17, 2004] Recently a shy German teenage student, after being egged on by his friends, created the Sasser worm virus, and released it to the world.
Computer Security Part 2Computer Security Part 2
[May 7, 2004] This week I will show you how to delete your browsing history, cookies left by sites and your temporary internet files. All these can be used to track your steps. Luckily enough this is quite easy to do.
Computer Security Part 1Computer Security Part 1
[Apr. 29, 2004] Security on the internet is very important, also covering your tracks on a computer that you may share is also important. I am going to show you some useful ways to keep your computer and what you do away from prying eyes.