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Computer Security Part 5 – Email security

Posted Tuesday, June 1, 2004

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Welcome to the lottery world of email, do I open it? Do I delete it? Have I won £100,000 in a Lottery that I have never heard off? Will I send my bank details to this unknown person in a far off land? Well all these questions are very legitimate, and are faced by millions of people everyday. To help you decide what to do I have put together a simple test to help you decide. This test is not perfect but can be used as a great guideline to help you from being conned by scrupulous people or becoming a victim of a virus.


You receive an email; look at the following points before opening:


· KNOW: Do you know this sender? Are you expecting an email?

· RECEIVED: Have you received an email from this sender before?

· ATTACHMENT: If there is an attachment, why are you getting it? Where you expecting it? Do not open unless expected, even if your virus checker has scanned it. If needed, confirm that a file has been sent. You could be alerting a friend or family member of a virus problem on their computer.

· SENSE: Does the email make sense? I.e. why would your mother send you an email saying please open an attached file? or buy cheap Viagra? If it doesn’t make sense, delete it.

· TRUTH: If it’s too good to be true then it is. You will not be contacted by email if you won a million. Nobody, anywhere wants to give you millions, let alone 1p. If in doubt, delete it.

· MONEY: Never give out Bank details, credit card details, or anything to do with money, especially if it’s linked to an email.

· SCAM: Remember if someone has a scheme that will make you millions then why are they telling you? personally if I had a scheme to make me millions, I wouldn’t tell anyone. Just a scam, Delete it.


Hopefully this quick guide will help save you from a lot of headaches, and make you aware of what can happen. The Internet can be a big bad place, and certain individuals using it will not think twice of stealing what they can from you.