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Inside Your Computer Part 7 – The CD-writers, DVD & CD-Rom drives

Posted Thursday, April 29, 2004

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This week I am going to cover the other three types of drives you can get for your computer, CD-writers (CDRW), DVD-Rom and CD-Rom drives.

CDRW drives are basically what they say, they allow you to create your own CD’s. There are 2 basic types of CD’s you can use, CDR’s and CDRW’s.

CDR’s are the write once versions of these disks, this means that once data has been added to the disk then it cannot be removed. These are more compatible with other drives. (eg car stereos, computer CD-rom drives, Hi-fi’s etc)

CDRW’s are blank disks that can be written to time and time again. They are mainly used as a backup medium. Through the CD-writer software you will be able to add and remove data from the disks. They can also be formatted allowing the disks to be used as mini hard drives.

CD-Rom drives are for reading CD’s. They are the essential minimal standard for your PC.

DVD-Rom drives allow your computer to read DVD disks, as well as CD’s. Modern drives have all levelled out in the quality and compatibility standards, but older ones you may find will not read DVD copies or backups. You can also use these drives to watch DVD movies on your PC. To do this will require DVD software to be installed on your computer.