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Inside Your Computer Part 11 – Internet connections Part 2

Posted Tuesday, June 1, 2004

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Last week I looked at modems, ISDN, ADSL and cable, for Internet connectivity, continuing on the theme, this week I will look at Satellite and wireless broadband.


Wireless broadband is a new product on the market, and not a lot of people know of its existence. It allows users in areas not covered by an ADSL upgraded exchanges to receive broadband. The biggest problem with this service is the coverage presently only includes major cities, towns and their surrounding villages. (See Map)



Satellite broadband is another technology, which is in development; the biggest problem with it is most companies can’t decide which technology to use, either 1-way (Download from satellite only) or 2-way (Download and upload from satellite). 2-way broadband seems the obvious answer but it comes with complications, to use a 2-way satellite requires a license, as you are using a transmitting device, where as 1-way does not, but this still limits you to phone line upload speeds.