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Moto X (Mob/TV)

Posted Wednesday, July 7, 2004

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Affinity Studios, creators of Moto X, the world's first mobile game which allows players to create their own motorcross tracks and share them with other players, announced today that over 150 tracks have been created and uploaded - by players - onto the website, in the first four weeks since the games release.

Moto X offers mobile gamers a unique experience. In addition to a fast and fun-packed motorcross racing game, Moto X comes complete with a track editor, which allows players to place obstacles and features, to create their own circuits. Tracks can be created and uploaded to the Partymob Moto X website where other players can browse through the newly created tracks and download them to their own phone. In addition, players can also upload their times for each track to the website, so everybody can see exactly who the best players are. All of these services are free to the user once the game has been purchased.

This is a major advance for mobile games, which have to date offered only simple, single-player experiences, which cannot be customised or changed from their original form and feature no community services for users.

"Mobile phones are limited in terms of their graphical abilities and processing power," says Brian Rodway, the managing director of Affinity, "But they offer the ability to create some very interesting new styles of game. With Moto X we're allowing each player to not only modify the game and create new tracks, but to share those tracks with other players. It involves a community of players from the very beginning. To have over 150 new tracks created and shared in under a month shows a real passion and enthusiasm in the mobile gaming audience for new and more sophisticated games titles which really make use of the phone handset's capabilities."

"Moto X takes mobile gaming to an entirely new level" says Michael Tomlins, the Commercial Director of InfoMedia Services. "At the most basic level, it's a fun and playable game, which would be popular on any menu. By adding the track editor and free uploads and downloads of new tracks, Affinity and InfoMedia have worked together to create something unique which has captured the imagination of players and promises to open up a whole new area of mobile gaming. We're delighted to be the exclusive distributor of Moto X and are looking forward to seeing more players making their own tracks and sharing them with a growing community of mobile motorcross racers."

Moto X is available exclusively on PartyMob at:


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