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Posted Thursday, August 26, 2004

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High-Speed, Aerial Combat comes to the Xbox and PC

Gathering, a publishing division of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), announced today that it will release Wings of War this fall for the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft and PC. Developed by Silver Wish Games, a division of Illusion Softworks, the creators of the smash hit Mafia, Wings of War brings the high-speed action of an arcade shooter to history's ultimate arena of aerial combat, World War I.

Wings of War puts gamers in the cockpit of over 25 Allied and German aircraft in massive air battles and bombing runs across the vast landscape of war torn Europe. Players will take on hordes of enemy aircraft in detailed planes or take control of anti-aircraft guns mounted on trains, zeppelins, boats and more. Wings of War features more than 70 stages of gameplay across 13 unique levels featuring a vast array of missions, including action-packed military assignments as well as additional, "non-regulation" quests.

Throughout Wings of War, players will have the opportunity to take side missions and accept duels and challenges from jealous rivals in order to gain points and prestige. By completing missions, side quests, various challenges and secret objectives within the game, new options become available that will allow players to upgrade their planes with new guns, rockets, engine enhancements, armor, and color schemes.

In addition to the extensive singe player mode, the PC version of the game will include both online and LAN-based multiplayer. Featuring the ability to dogfight in many different modes, the online component will be every bit as action-packed as the single player experience for PC gamers.

For more information about Wings of War, visit its official web site at of War

High-speed combat, high intensity action, and high-flying heroes rule the skies in Wings of War. All of the deadly drama and intense aerial duels of WWI will blast the PC and Xbox as history's greatest flying aces take to the air. As a rookie pilot, you must prove your mettle against the kings of the skies, and chose your destiny. Earn medals and ranks as you fight for your country under the service of your commanders. Seek fortune and glory as you take on side quests. The choice is up to you! The sky's the limit as you blaze a path to victory on WINGS OF WAR!



  • Guide the fate of a young pilot through fictionalised battles of WWI;


  • High speed, high impact, high-flying, arcade style, action-oriented gameplay;


  • 13 Huge maps set in a wide range of environments, featuring varying weather effects, seasonal changes and combat scenarios;


  • Free-form gameplay - play the role of a rogue air ace helping the troops on the ground or furthering your own agenda and prestige;


  • Play through over 70 intense missions, and discover bonus side quests along the way, including delivery of black market goods, assassinating enemy officers, raiding factories for equipment and much more;


  • Fight in the sky, or from fixed machine gun points in airfields, vehicles, balloon baskets, trains, and airships;


  • Take on challenges from other pilots including duels, dares, and stunts, to build your reputation;


  • Tons of hidden secrets will unlock hidden missions, and weapons to further your goals;


  • Top performance earns medals, which unlock new planes and a huge range of paint styles to customize your favorite fighter;


  • Find various power-ups for your plane(s) such as extra guns, speed boosts, armor, and rockets;


  • Original and highly addictive Multiplayer co-op and head-to-head modes, featuring five unique multiplayer modes (PC version only).

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