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[Sep. 2, 2004] The game focuses on the naval and aerial battles of World War II leading up to one of the greatest naval victories of all time, the Battle of Midway......
World of Warcraft (PC)World of Warcraft (PC)
[Sep. 2, 2004] In World of Warcraft, players assume the roles of legendary Heroes and interact with thousands of other players online as they explore, adventure, and quest across a vast world.
Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile (PC)Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile (PC)
[Sep. 1, 2004] The fate of a civilization is in your hands - you must balance ambition with the needs of your people.
[Aug. 30, 2004] Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game publishers, today announced that it has signed a promotional partnership with model and Miss Playboy TV UK Natalie Denning for the launch of the forthcoming videogame Playboy: The Mansion.
[Aug. 26, 2004] High-speed combat, high intensity action, and high-flying heroes rule the skies in Wings of War. All of the deadly drama and intense aerial duels of WWI will blast the PC and Xbox as history's greatest flying aces take to the air.
Stronghold 2 (PC)Stronghold 2 (PC)
[Aug. 25, 2004] Due to be released for PC in early 2005, the castle-sim and siege-warfare RTS game Stronghold 2 will bring the series to life in glorious 3D.
Dungeon Lords Playable Demo (PC)Dungeon Lords Playable Demo (PC)
[Aug. 22, 2004] DreamCatcher Games today announced the long-awaited playable demo of Dungeon Lords will be available for download at the game's official site on 1st September 2004.
Colin McRae Rally 2005 ( PC, PS2 & XBOX)Colin McRae Rally 2005 ( PC, PS2 & XBOX)
[Aug. 19, 2004]
McRae gets his way: Nissan Pickup-Dakar to feature in Colin McRae Rally 2005

Also: New 'cars' video! Now available from
Premier Manager 2004-2005 (PC & PS2)Premier Manager 2004-2005 (PC & PS2)
[Aug. 13, 2004] Premier Manager one of the leading brands in football management games has gone through a major overhaul culminating in the ultimate football management title on three formats.
Starship Troopers (PC)Starship Troopers (PC)
[Aug. 12, 2004] Since its unveiling at E3 this year Starship Troopers has rapidly become Empire Interactive's most eagerly awaited title to date.
Pool Shark 2 (PC PS2 & XBOX)Pool Shark 2 (PC PS2 & XBOX)
[Aug. 9, 2004] ZOO Digital Publishing is pleased to announce details of its forthcoming title Pool Shark 2.
Dark Horizons: Lore (PC)Dark Horizons: Lore (PC)
[Aug. 9, 2004] GarageGames announced today a massive update release of Dark Horizons: Lore from MaxGaming Technologies, LLC.
Full Spectrum Warrior (PC)Full Spectrum Warrior (PC)
[Aug. 6, 2004] Full Spectrum Warrior began as a training aid for the U.S. Army to reinforce Army doctrine and team effort within the troops.
BiosFear Chapter 2: Battle for Winter Castle (PC)BiosFear Chapter 2: Battle for Winter Castle (PC)
[Aug. 2, 2004] Tiscali Games today announced new features which are about to be introduced with BiosFear Chapter 2: Battle for Winter Castle.
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Trailer available here (GBA, Xbox, PC, PS2, GC)Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Trailer available here (GBA, Xbox, PC, PS2, GC)
[Jul. 26, 2004] Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Trailer available here (GBA, Xbox, PC, PS2, GC)

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