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Posted Thursday, June 24, 2004

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CHAOS LEAGUE MULTIPLAYER DEMO SET LOOSE DJs set the stage for a chaotic confrontation

Let's face it – videogames were designed with one thing in mind and one thing alone: to provide an environment that allows people to laugh in each others face, all in the name of sport, with next to no physical repercussions. Digital Jesters understands the true nature of gaming and has released a multiplayer demo of Chaos League, allowing people the opportunity to do just that. It can be found, along with a wide variety of other resources, on the very excellent Chaos League website –

Mirrors of the demo can be found here:

3D Gamers:
Jolt (UK Only):

This multiplayer-only demo features three races – humans, barbarians and the undead. A gamecenter will allow players to look for other players online, so that they can then duke it out in one of four arenas on offer.

Those who think that they're a cut above the rest will also get a chance to prove it, as Digital Jesters will be holding a tournament using the demo with a total prize fund of over £2000. Rawr! The opening stages commence on the 5th of July, 12pm GMT, and competitors will battle over the following three weeks, culminating in the grand final on the 26th of July.

To sign up for this epic endeavour potential winners (and losers) should head to the above website immediately. Details of the competition structure can be found there, as well as massive tournament coverage during the event. Chaos League is ALL about the multiplayer aspect, and this is the perfect chance to experience its finer points against real, determined opponents.

The Uk version of Chaos League will available exclusively for PCs in August, priced £29.99.

Game Characteristics


  • 10 races covering 70 different types of players, including monsters and star players. Each race has its own style of play and its own strategy for moving up the championship ladder. Each match takes place on different pitches with their own special atmosphere.


  • 170 spells and skills to improve your players or to unsettle the opposing team during a match.


  • A slightly unusual atmosphere with doping, corruption, pre-match hooliganism, trap-setting and working the spectators during a match.


  • A career mode which implies, over and above playing matches, the creation and management of a team during the championship or a cup. Beyond the classic gameplay of trading players, hiring star players, pom-pom girls or a physio, the successful management of a team hinges on the individual progress of a player through the aggregation of his various experience.


  • A multi-player mode via LAN or Internet. Possibility for one-off matches, knockout competitions or League Tables.


  • A replay mode that allows you to go over your matches whenever you want to analyse the relative strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.

    Skills and Magic


  • Some skills and magic require a certain amount of experience by the onscreen creature before they are fully effective. This means that their success rate depends on how competent "it" is.


  • Skills work in passive mode. That is to say they are used automatically. They can bring certain advantages in such areas as combat, player physique...


  • Magic must be applied actively during a game. Requiring more micro-management then for "skills", it sometimes procures a decisive advantage.


  • Each spell has a precise use, power and time limit. Some magic is defensive, designed to protect your players. Other spells are designed for attach and can be used to destroy opponents.

    For more information visit:


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